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Do you suffer from myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness), presbyopia, astigmatism, computer vision syndrome or cataracts?


Buy your pinhole glasses here

Pinhole glasses are literally changing lives for the better´┐Żthis is what our customers have to say about our pinhole glasses.

"I have worn your pinhole glasses for 4 months now mostly for reading and TV. I am so pleased with them as everytime I wear them my eyes feel more relaxed and I can see much more clearly than before. Thanks for everything!" Robert Mitchell - Washington D.C. USA

"What a relief - I am so glad I stumbled across your site! The TV picture has never seemed so clear - not even with my prescription lenses! I am now a bona-fide pinhole convert - thanks." Danni R. Etherman - W.Virginia USA

"I must say I was very skeptikal about your pinhole glasses but I thought that I would try them out as I could note make out my tutors notes on the blackboard in our lecture hall. I am now very glad that I did try your glasses as I can now see the notes." Bethany Davis - Kingston, Jamaica

"May I say how very pleased I have been with the pinhole glasses you sent me. My eyes feel refreshed after only a few minutes of wearing them. I only ever use my prescription glasses for driving now." Tom Woods - Watford, UK

"I do a lot of work at a computer screen and use your glasses with my computer. I really could not do without them now." Russ - Waterford, Rep.of Ireland

"I want to tell you that I am very impressed with your glasses and prompt service. Your airmail package arrived very quickly and my eyesight is clear when I use the pinhole glasses. I used to struggle changing focus between my needlework and work order sheets at my workstation, but now I find it easy to do and it does not strain my eyes. I am definitely a fan of yours and may have some more orders for you from my co-workers." D.Allen - London, UK

"My mother, Mrs G. Rona, purchased some pinhole glasses from your company three weeks ago. I tried them on and would like to order a pair for myself. Please find my check enclosed and forward a pair to the address above - thank you." K.Rona - Maine - USA

"I am so pleased with my pinhole glasses from you, and they came fast. I was a wary of purchasing them online and a bit skeptical about them working, but they're great! Thanks!" Mr Martins - Inverness, Scotland

"I just received my pinhole glasses from your company today. They are great. I can not believe the excellent product for such a low price. Thanks for the great service and fast delivery. I will definitely recommend you." - Heidi Suram - Bangalore, India

"I've had my pinhole glasses from you for some time now. I want tell you that I am seeing more clearly than ever before. Even colors look brighter to me." Rick - Stuttgart, Germany.

"Your pinhole glasses are truly amazing. I can see clearly now even though my physician has diagnosed me with 2 diopters of myopia!" Belinda Williams - New Orleans - USA


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